Silent Night

Writer : Roger Aylward
Director : Rodney Gibbons
Producers : Steven Jay Rubin, Steve Hewitt & Michael Prupas
Status : A Fast Carrier Pictures/Muse Entertainment co-production for the Hallmark Channel, debuted December 14, 2002.
Cast :

Linda Hamilton, Matthew Harbour, Romano Orzari, Al Goulem, Michael Elkin, Martin Neufeld, Mark Anthony Krupa, Cassian Bopp and James McGowan

Logline :

The true story of Elisabeth Vincken, a courageous German woman who invited both American and German combat troops into her cabin in the Ardennes on Christmas Eve 1944 and enforced a 12 hour truce. The result: men who would have killed each other at the drop of a hat, dined across from one another and became friends.




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