My Suicide

Writer: Eric J. Adams, David Lee Miller
Director: David Lee Miller
Producers: Eric J. Adams, Todd Traina
Executive Producers: Larry Janss, Steven Jay Rubin
Cast: Gabriel Sunday, Brooke Nevin, David Carradine, Nora Dunn, Tony Hale, Tim Halligan, Mariel Hemingway, Robert Kurcz, Steven Anthony Lawrence, Vanessa Lengies, Joe Mantegna, Sandy Martin, Nicole Richie, Zachary Sherman, Michael Welch
Status: Production began January 2006 for a possible Fall 2006 debut
Logline: A teenage romantic comedy about a lonely high school student whose announcement that he is going to film his own suicide at the end of term changes his life and those around him. During his journey, this young filmmaker discovers the culture of teenage suicide, the pressures on today's teens and why a beautiful coed who never knew he existed is suddenly fascinated with him. Project was incubated by the non-profit organization Regenerate, which mentors teenagers to produce their own public safety films and endorsed by Dr. Edwin Schneidman, the father of modern suicide prevention.